Gatling: A surprisingly impressive performance testing tool 02-20-2023
In this blog post, I share my experience with Gatling on a proof-of-concept project. We'll explore how to deploy and use Gatling in a cloud environment and look into some of its many features. Context and project objective As part of the
Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) 01-06-2023
Installation of Jenkins - and similar tools - used to be a tedious job. And once done, the lifecycle management was only done when absolutely necessary. When first Docker and later Kubernetes were introduced, everything got better and
Techforce1 voor Afrika 04-12-2022
Afgelopen maart hebben we met de collega’s de eerste meetup van het jaar gehouden. Dit keer was het thema ons sponsorschap van de stichting DEAN. Een organisatie die zich inzet voor digitaal onderwijs in Afrika, op plekken met moeizaam tot geen
Discover Azure DevOps Pipelines 09-14-2021
Azure Pipelines is great tooling when using pipelines. With an immense number of features, integrations and options. However, not all info on those near endless possibilities is easy to find. Let’s help out. Today I will focus on the possibilities
New to Kubernetes? Try this 07-29-2021
Kubernetes is a container management platform to manage your workloads without having to deal with the servers that run them. In this blog you'll find the basics of deploying a container on a Kubernetes cluster and how to expose it to the